Exercise with Baby

Exercise with baby is a unique postnatal exercise and recovery program that really works at getting mummy fit and toned, while baby has lots of fun too!

Level 2 – High Intensity (6-16 months)

Once you are ready, we up the intensity in the Level 2 sessions. Our High intensity cardio, toning and strengthening work gets real results fast! All while still being carefully designed for postnatal women.

Intermediate – (4-12 months)

Slightly lower intensity then the Level 2, suitable for ladies from 4 months after birth providing there are no current joint, pelvic floor or diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) issues.

Fun for Baby!

Using a variety of interactive techniques (songs, movements & visuals) baby is included, stimulated and engaged with throughout the entire sessions, making our program a fun bonding experience for both mummy and baby.

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