Exercise with Baby

Exercise with baby is a unique postnatal exercise and recovery program, that really works at getting mummy fit, strong and toned. All while Baby is fully included throughout our entire routines! 

Level 1 –  (7 weeks – 7 months)

Our program has been specifically developed for the needs of new mummies. During the Level 1 sessions we work at increasing fitness levels, repairing weakened muscles, combating postnatal symptoms, improving posture, strength and tone. All while continually engaging with baby and having fun bonding time with them too!

Level 2 – High Intensity (6-16 months)

Once you are ready, we up the intensity in the Level 2 sessions. Our High intensity cardio, toning and strengthening work gets real results fast! All while still being carefully designed for postnatal women.

Fun for Baby!

At Exercise with Baby we make exercise fun for both Mummy and Baby! Using a variety of interactive techniques baby is included, stimulated and engaged with throughout the entire sessions, making our program a fun bonding experience for both mummy and baby.

Exercise with Baby, postnatal exercise classes run across Chester, Wrexham, Wirral, Warrington, Shrewsbury, Nantwich, Northwich, Sanbach & Congleton areas. Just click on the venue finder to find your nearest groups :).

About Exercise with Baby

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Postnatal Exercise Classes with Baby- Running Throughout Chester, Wrexham, Wirral, Warrington, Shrewsbury, Nantwich, Northwich & Sandbach.