We ease your body back into exercise initially, and then get you more fit and toned than ever before!

Postnatal Exercise-

Your body goes through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy and thus postnatal exercise needs to be specifically designed for your needs.

At Exercise with Baby every part of our program has been developed with this in mind. We aide your body’s recovery, strengthen all vulnerable areas and help you feel great!

Some of your muscles are weakened during pregnancy (including Abdominals) and others can disengage completely (including the Gluteus Maximus), these muscles need to be rebuilt to prevent putting strain on other parts of your body and combat postnatal aches and pains.

We check all new ladies for abdominal muscle separation, this is a quick and simple test, but it is very important to detect separation and we can give you additional exercises to repair the muscles.

The Hormone Relaxing causes your body to be more supple in preparation for childbirth but it can also stay in the system for up to a year after giving birth. Its your joints that really take the brunt of this softening as they are not fully supported, this can easily lead to injury (most commonly knees, ankles, hips & wrists) so it is important that your exercise program is designed to prevent this.

Postnatal Exercise is important, for all the reasons listed below and many more, but so is spending quality time with your little one. This is why we have so carefully designed a program that enables you to have fun bonding time with baby throughout our entire routines. Our levels are designed for their changing needs as well as yours, meaning you both have fun while we tone those tums 🙂

(Postnatal Exercise Throughout- Chester, Wirral, Warrington, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Nantwhich, Northwich, Sandbach, Stoke, Crewe & Congelton)